Our mission is to have a solution for you.

Thermo-Tec Heat Control Products have been established in Australia since 1986.

The staff at Thermo-Tec Heat Control Products have over 25 years of experience in heat management systems.

Our employees are trained as an ongoing process to ensure the best possible and up to date information is provided to our customers. To meet our customers specialised requirements, we offer you market focused representatives from within our company and principal manufacturers. We are an EOM supplier to various industries listed below.

Thermo-Tec Heat Control Products services the following industries: - Automotive, Aviation, Engineering, Marine, Motorsport and Transport in Exhaust and Heat Insulation Products.

Our product range consist of: -

Exhaust Insulating Header Wraps in various grades.

Reflective Aluminized Heat Shield Barriers.

Reflective Kevlar Heat Shield Barriers.

Sound Barriers.

Protective Heat Shields in various grades.

Protective Heat Sleeves in various grades.