Reflective Thermal-Shield - Tube

ThermalShield - Tube creates a thermal buffer between your wires, hoses and cables and the high temperature environments surrounding them. You must disconnect one end of you application to apply this product.

ThermalShield - Tube is a flexible tube engineered with a fully adhesive backing by laminating an Aluminized metallic heat shield to a layer of strong, tightly braided fiberglass insulation. This system provides superior protection from radiant heat by reflecting it away from sensitive electronics, wiring and hoses.

ThermalShield - Tube products range will endure temperatures up to 1,200°F / 650°C without delaminating, turning brittle or suffering adhesive failure. This is ideal in any situation where protection from radiant heat is a primary concern.

This product is sold by the per metre length or available in roll lengths.

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